Contact Centers

As business climates continue to evolve, the internet is delivering power to consumers in ways not conceived 20 years ago. This powerful medium coupled with smart applications provides the ability for small business owners to compete with fortune 500 companies on a level playing field.

The outsourcing model that started 15 years ago has continued to evolve in an honest effort to keep up with the demanding changes brought on by accelerated connectivity speeds and larger bandwidths. New technologies provide an assortment of contact center options that seem near endless.

Opportunities to improve customer service, access, and support options are the driving differentiators between those than can and those that can’t. Today’s marketplace demands faster access to goods and services. Winning businesses have responded to this simple secret, “Find out what your customer wants and give it to them.”

Rosewood Partners brings to the table more than two decades of experience in outsourcing, business process optimization, and operational excellence improvements. From start-up operations to transitions we have reviewed, designed, and implemented contact center programs formulated to meet business objectives. Our experience covers all 50 states and reaches beyond the borders of the United States.

We first promoted the onshore concept a full decade before it became popular. Our research indicated rural captive process centers would be the next phase for outsourcing. Higher education levels, stable utilities, time zone compatibility, language skills, and low operational costs made rural contact centers a strong alternative to off-shore or near shore operations.

The ability to customize a contact center solution has never been faster or easier to achieve than it is today. Advanced technology allows the quick passing of inbound calls to limitless locations without the caller realizing their path to service. What previously took a telephone technician several days to reconfigure can now be done in seconds with a keyboard and internet access. Even more amazing is the speed of implementation. Businesses no longer have to prepare and plan for long drawn out project plans to implement major cutovers.

Our Approach

Rosewood’s partners come from varied backgrounds and we believe this experience provides our customers with the opportunity to get the optimal solution. Engaging in process reviews, engineering and reconfiguration activities can conquer resource constraints, utilization and optimization while driving value from every dollar spent. Our proactive approach continues to drive value without increased costs.

Rosewood has extensive experience working in the off-site market as both the client and the vendor providing services. Having worked both sides of the off-site industry we understand what organizations are looking for, where the margins are and how to ensure a fair deal.

Through this experience we have learned the pit falls to avoid, the contract taboos, and the best methods and practices. We’ve learn to extract the best from our global experience and relationships and bring the expertise learned in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, UK, Germany, China, India, Israel, etc. to every business we work with.


•Greater Flexibility
•Lower operational costs
•Faster adaption to change
•The ability to make technology pay
•Low risk market experimentation
•In-house Resources can be focused on more critical business needs
•Use off-site resources to establish new markets with lower risk
•Get the resources you need to compete in a business deal
•Gain more control over operating costs by having a scalable workforce
•Be better Prepared to handle boom/bust markets
•Reduce training costs
•Get more resources with less management